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To All Man, What Would You Die For…?

Have you ever asked yourself:  what would I die for?  It sounds pretty dramatic but my intent is for you to evaluate what resonates within your inner self when you ask this question.  It is being said that the quality of your life is determined by the quality of the questions you ask.  By asking this simple question, you will notice that your focus will change radically from your head to your heart.  What it is important is that you realize what originates within you as well as what you do with the newly felt emotion associated to that awakening.  Think about the following: what did you hear, see or feel?

The answer to this simple question determines your priorities and needs (your driving force); it may be at an unconscious level, but it would help you identify your most important values.  For example, you may answer: “I would do and give everything (including my life) for my son”.   Now ask yourself: why would I give my life for him?  Your answer could be: “because of the love I share with him”.

With those two simple questions, you have identified what you value most in life and therefore, what is driving your life in that specific moment.  In this case, your son is the vehicle to achieving what you value most in a relationship – Love, and assuming this is among your top values, you will do anything to ensure it is being fulfilled.

Now, in the case of intimate relationships – for whom would you die for?  To all man – would you die for your woman?  What would you do for her happiness, security and love?

We all, in our deep core nature will fight for what we value most.  We will fight against that opponent who can take from us that loveFor instance, just like the storyline of a movie where the character becomes the hero by fighting his opponent.  The character develops a plan, engages into a battle (experiencing his own mortality and search for meaning), experiences self-revelation (a deeper level of courage, faith and determination) and finally finds what he has been looking for: Equilibrium – a new belief system and new values that fulfilled the character’s needs.

Now ask yourself again: would I die for my partner?  You may feel that love is not as passionate as before.  So now ask yourself:  who’s taking away that love from you?  Who’s your opponent?  You may come up with external excuses, but the truth is that the only opponent is Yourself.  Your opponent is what you have made up in your mind that limits you from engaging into battle with what you fear the most – the hallucination of not being loved or being rejected.

What would be your plan/strategy now?  What would you do for her in order to get that love back (to increase it from Good to Extremely Passionate)?  What will you learn from this battle? What values and needs will now be fulfilled forever?  It is up to you…

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